The best public transport schedule app for Ljubljana and Slovenia.

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Beautiful Visual Design

The app has an efficient and polished user interface with many fluid animations.

Easy to Use

The application is designed to be user friendly. Any information you want is only three clicks away.

Focused On User Satisfaction

We are doing our best implementing as many helpful functions as we can in order to improve your public transport experience.

The Features

For the sake of our users' comfort, our app has functionalities you never knew you needed.

Live news forum

Travana has a forum where you can read everything about the current traffic situation. The news are posted by both offical traffic providers and other users.

Location of your transport

At any time, you can check the map to see exactly where your ride is.

Additional data

Our server constantly gathers and calculates traffic data. This allows you to, for example, see the average speed of the bus you are waiting for. (There will be more such features to come in the future)

Completely free and ad-free

The application is free to download and use, and does not contain any distracting ads.

Download Travana for free, now.

We look forward to you using our app.

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Filipič Matej

Photographer at Matej Filipič photography

Ajj ampak ta aplikacija res zadane avess.



Dejansko zdj nimam več izgovora da zamujam v šolo. :) Top app.


The Travana team

We are a team of young creators with a passion for designing, programming and creating. We still have plenty of ideas and will continuously strive to bring them to fruition.
If you would like to work with us or give us support, just send us a message on social media or scroll down to the contact section below.

Kralj, Domen

Founder, programmer, designer

Leskovec, Žiga

Founder, programmer, designer


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